We are focused in three areas:

Bedivere personnel have all spent considerable parts of their careers on projects in industries including:

  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Telecommunications, IT and process automation
  • Public Infrastructure

We have experience along the entire project life-cycle from concept to close-out.

Our core key directors have consulting expertise in the following areas:

  • Project controls: capital cost estimating, planning and scheduling, cost control, expert quantum reports, progress verification, project delivery strategy;
  • Commercial management: commercial optimisation, management, claims analysis and negotiation, contract and procurement strategies; and
  • Project engineering: maintenance support, asset management, quality assurance, expediting and logistics, BIM/3D modelling and materials tracking.

An area of key focus for Bedivere is to use our management skills and contacts within the industry to enable ideas and projects. Examples are:

Projects: the services that can be organised, with the assistance of our associated companies, are:

  • Project Initiation: Investment and funding strategies
  • Environmental: SEIA, Permitting and Approvals Process
  • Support logistics: fuel supply and explosives supply


  • Local Capabilities, Culture and Co-operation
  • Security
  • Healthcare

Supply Chain:
China low cost and specialist sourcing, procurement, BIM/3D modelling and shop detailing, QA/QC, expediting, materials tracking, delivery logistics support and, technical documentation and translation/interpretation.
Industrial and education services including internship and study tour, overseas student placement, specialist resources placement and Chinese culture and business advisory.