BDK Enterprises

BDK, a partner to Bedivere Group, was established to provide consultancy services in project engineering and asset management, procurement and supply chain management, people and engineering education services (the 3 Ps) together with China business advisory for clients in a broad range of fields. These fields include but are not limited to, mining, equipment, fabrication, engineering and construction project delivery etc.
BDK is based in Perth, Western Australia which gives it strong exposure to the forefront of the mining and resource sector. With leverage on its extensive connections in the industrial, engineering and project communities, BDK provides tailored solutions to its clients throughout the entire supply chain with a strong China focus.
Our Background

Dr Yi Gong, Principal. Yi has a strong background in engineering, projects, supply chain management, and education in both a Western and a Chinese business context, with over twenty-five years of experience across research and development, consulting and resources. He was with Rio Tinto for fourteen years from 2002 and took on a range of roles in project feasibility studies, procurement & contracts (China sourcing), QA/expediting/logistics management, maintenance support, asset management, and engineering.
Goods and Services
Some of the resource applications BDK can assist clients with are:

  • steel fabrication (stick steel, platework, marine structures, fully fitted modules etc.)
  • handrails and gratings
  • conveyor components (idler, roller, frame, pulley, etc.) and conveyor belting
  • electrical equipment (transformers, HV/LV cables, OPGW, switchgear, electric motors etc.)
  • material handling equipment (stackers, reclaimers, shiploaders)
  • cranes (overhead, gantry, mobile harbour etc.)
  • crushers
  • haul trucks and truck trays
  • diesel gensets
  • Ground Engaging Tools (GETs)
  • rail tracks / concrete sleepers / ore car wagons / locomotives
  • spiral weld piles
  • HDPE pipe / Ductile Iron Pipe
  • transportable accommodation units
  • PPE and other consumables
  • engineering services outsourcing
  • – studies
    – shop details drawings and as-built drawings
    – material tracking and in-country QA/expediting